PID and Port 80

I list some findings from recent research of these boring, horrible , time waste technology issues.

1. lots of people knows  if your 80 port is sized by some process, you need to check PID

– use “netstat -ano” command list the using of port in your computer

– the PID list shows which program is working that port.

– we need to find out the line has “:80”  , normally  State list shows “listening” or “established”

– remember the number of PID

-go to task manager, you need to select “view” at upper bar, and choose “select columns”

– here you need to check “PID (process identifier)”

– find the process which is matched your PID number

– close the process to release port 80

NB! PID list is hided normally that is always confused when you can’t find PID list