I can feel real happy at here

rational myself cannot control my abreaction of emotional

It is suprise to me , I can finish so many things in such a week.
the happiest is I can use my ability sovle the trouble for my friends.
maybe I loss something , get a worse result for myself.
but I can feel here is my happy, I got the feeling of a family.
I gain more trust and honest.  I need that , I need close friend turst each other.

in fact, I many years ago, I can donot use mother tongue to express my emotion 
but this time is real memorable.
How long time the friends can be togother, when I can meet you again in future.
when DMW can grow up, when I can continue my Irish dream.
any way I have my own family, I love it , I love my dannia so much, 
they love me very much too.
the friends can make me more valueable and more meaningful,

I open the gate of my emotional part.
only keyboard instument can help me express my feeling.
express such a great happy.
I can’t record it again now, but that emotion can be remain inside.
I can’t repeat the same action and melody in every time.
it is like "once meeting, once special " emotion changed ,
but I can get different gain and brilliant feeling

I am persuade my real want, but don’t know what is that.
I am expecting I should not expect. but it is not right or wrong, 
only  the feeling is true. I will try my best to protect the people who I love. 
make them happy. it is my dream , my expectation.
mybe it is too hurry, may be I can’t handle it . I want to catch the oppotunity,
I don’t know wether I can lucky again.

I love you, I am lucky, I am satisfy, I am expecting the brilliant.


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