I can feel real happy at here

rational myself cannot control my abreaction of emotional

It is suprise to me , I can finish so many things in such a week.
the happiest is I can use my ability sovle the trouble for my friends.
maybe I loss something , get a worse result for myself.
but I can feel here is my happy, I got the feeling of a family.
I gain more trust and honest.  I need that , I need close friend turst each other.

in fact, I many years ago, I can donot use mother tongue to express my emotion 
but this time is real memorable.
How long time the friends can be togother, when I can meet you again in future.
when DMW can grow up, when I can continue my Irish dream.
any way I have my own family, I love it , I love my dannia so much, 
they love me very much too.
the friends can make me more valueable and more meaningful,

I open the gate of my emotional part.
only keyboard instument can help me express my feeling.
express such a great happy.
I can’t record it again now, but that emotion can be remain inside.
I can’t repeat the same action and melody in every time.
it is like "once meeting, once special " emotion changed ,
but I can get different gain and brilliant feeling

I am persuade my real want, but don’t know what is that.
I am expecting I should not expect. but it is not right or wrong, 
only  the feeling is true. I will try my best to protect the people who I love. 
make them happy. it is my dream , my expectation.
mybe it is too hurry, may be I can’t handle it . I want to catch the oppotunity,
I don’t know wether I can lucky again.

I love you, I am lucky, I am satisfy, I am expecting the brilliant.



我自己也会觉得很惊人 自己会在一星期完成这么多的事情
我完成了4 个考试2 个阅读分析
最高兴的是能靠自己的能力 解决朋友的问题 把他留在学校 留在这些同学身边
虽然 我的考试成绩比他低 虽然我的报告比他交的晚
不过我感到 能获得一些家的感觉 能获得一些信赖 和坦诚
其实很久以前就能不用母语来表达感情了   现在却又觉得这是很难忘的经历
朋友会在一起多久 未来还能在哪里见面 DMW 又能何时长大 爱尔兰的畅想又能何时实现
不论怎样 我有自己的家, 我爱我的家,他们也爱我。 我爱小乖乖 她也爱我。
朋友的感情使我的生活更丰富和更有意义。我突然又一次打开了自己感性的门, 只有键盘乐器能抒发我的心情
能让我发泄这样的快乐。 键盘乐器虽不能继续记录了, 但是情感记录在我的内心, 我不能重复手指的流动
但是有一些像 一期一会, 每次的感情不一样 但每次都有独到的收获 和精彩
在追逐自己想要的 但又不知道那是什么 , 我在期盼永远期盼不到的东西, 无法说这是对或是错, 但这样的感受是真实的
尽自己的所能保护我所爱的人 让爱我的人幸福 我的梦。。。 我的期盼。。。
或许是太着急 或许是没把握 在眼前的机会不知如何把握 自己的未来是否会再次幸运
我爱你 我幸运 我满足 我期待精彩