Taarnborg Renew

Taarnborg: Becoming

A Question: what is
this project about?

Aim of this project
was to design in order to communicate historical heritage, to visitors of a
private museum, attending to cultural events.

Our scenery is
Taarnborg: a house from the Renaissance, famous because Hans Adolph Brorson
lived there. He was hymn writer and bishop of Ribe from 1741 to 1764, date of
his death. Nowadays Taarnborg is a private home and meeting place for lectures,
musical evenings and historical dinners.

Checking on the
past feedback: we found out that visitors at Taarnborg are usually groups of 30
up to 40 people. Age is from 50 to over 60 years old.

Some of them are
members of religious groups based on the local area, they share an interest in
local history, religion and philosophy. They attend meetings in Taarnborg to
know more about these subjects and to sing together Brorson’s hymns.


B Research issues:

1 to materialize
the time-line of Taarnborg in the place, into a tangible form that could be
experienced by the visitors.

2 experiment
techniques learned in school about user-centered design

3 to work on
boundary with: interior design (arrange
a setting suitable for users and activities), art
(to stir up an emotional response on people with an installation) and museology (make people aware of historical
heritage connected to that particular place through our setting).

4 Relate to our
feelings and respect the balance between: place, functions and people involved
(guests and inhabitants), so to make the experience of the visitors richer,
avoiding to spoil it.


C We had to deal
with many practical constraints:

1 predefined
environment and functions: we had to adapt to expectations of people with a
different set of values

2 financial: we
payed ourselves but all the expenses will be covered by Taarnborg.

3 Transportation:
we had to test our ideas in Taarnborg, so that we had to use part of our time

4 time constraints,
we started field studies Tuesday 8th of January, but we had to make
a demonstration already Sunday 13th in order to get an initial
feedback, the museum is now closed until April.

5 feedback: because
of tight schedule we could not get proper feedback, we had to rely on mails
which is the usual way the owners of Taarnborg get their feedback. One problem
is that we are getting very positive comments, probably only happy visitors
wanted to write to us. Then we presented in Danish, this also could contribute
to drive people to be more positive, they appreciated our effort and they
showed it clearly after our presentation.

We had to combine
different sources:

1 Brorson’s hymns
and life

2 History of the
place, that has always been connected to local power

3 Our knowledge
about design, use what we can do and know.


D Strategies

Given all the
constraints and the initial sterile atmosphere of the rooms, we decided to
explore the senses to deeply involve the guests and make them feel part of the
historical process.

We coordinated our team-work in relation with distance and travels, we
worked also at home exchanging files on internet, but more important we found
inspiration on each other ideas to enrich the setting with meaning. 

To optimize our time, we adapted already made things that could fit the
place and our concepts too


E Conclusions 

We had to deal with
many constraints and combine different sources, but we succeeded in creating a
richer atmosphere that enhanced people experience. We had a contact with some
of them: Bente would like to work more with us to develop further our concepts,
then the leader of the visiting group wants to recreate our setting in a room
from the 1200, they use for praying.

In this way we
became part of Taarnborg’s history together with the people who saw our work

Still more work is

We should explore
and develop further our concepts

: book lamp that plays Brorson’s music when someone approaches,
and a lamp for the basement that becomes brighter when people sing all together

audio: on
the first floor with noises of horses like there was someone passing by on the
street, and in the tower wind blowing and some whispers

experiment with
lights and shadows
: reflections of shadows and lights in the tower,
silhouettes on the windows of the first floor, projection of lights in the
basement to reproduce pre-existing windows that are not there anymore

collage: about
the time-line of Taarnborg, mentioning also our work

more direct
guest books and interviews, to get more precise feedback

2 thoughts on “Taarnborg Renew”

  1. broson 是一个主教 快被人忘了  现在还存留一点有用的东西 还是挪威人留下来的 ,他的赞美诗比较有价值。之歌项目是自己计划的, 没有什么压力, 也没有收入。 和一些论文

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