project going

I also get some progress today.

we have 2 idea about microwave now, one is the old shaking orange ball, another is new interaction way microwave.

About the shaking microwave, it can recognize and remember the way of using. and following the regulations. people can also  see through the transparent shell to get the information of the food going. This is a way  make he cooking with MW more interactive process. with the microwave safe, and adding the interactive way make the cook action more safe and interesting.

About the more interactive way, we want to give more easy and direct way to use MW.  we design a small cube, you can set any  parameter in it with direct way. as this way, you can use your always setting with one action. combine direct and program together.

I will find sometime to make the building microwave and 2 case microwave.

building microwave can save space, make more efficient way during cooking. 2 case microwave can add more gradient during cooking.

I need some picture after…

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