The piracy in all of world could not be eliminated. People study and crack software for fun, reputation and business. Their fun contributes to cracking software and makes many people use the expensive software by free.


At the beginning, all of people around us use right copy, because the business of software just start, Always it paid with computer.  At that time, we don’t know how to buy a right copy, and how much it cost. We copy soft from friends easily and didn’t know what is wrong. Someday we need more and more application to run and found the soft need to pay, meanwhile soft shop appeared. Soft don’t like music CD, need the original disc. Computer have hard disc and many kinds of save media. People start buy different soft and copy from friends. Indeed, that do harm to software producer, but many people have no such a consciousness. With the market gain up, we start pay for right copy and piracy show up, too.


Piracy soft is not only cheap, but also could rebuild for convenience. Easy to copy, use less file, smaller size, lower the need to hardware and have many language version. All of these things, cracker have done for user. But a real software producer could not arrange so much work.


Chinese market is piracy market. everything you could find in piracy CD market. now, the internet became more and more speeder and convenience, so user do not need get to a real market and a real CD or DVD. All of the thing can find on line and the data can be saved in cheap movable disk. 


Finally,everytime we could get it.



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