what you can imagine

I need prepare for my europe trip in this 2 mouth. Many countries and friends wait me visit, but I don’t know how I could arrange these matters. Maybe, I could do these in holiday, but finding a work oppertunity is more important than a visit trip. If I could find a job in my friends city, that could be better. Italy for XinXIn, spain for GuanLiang, germany for Dannia ,bjut friends and Rolf Schepp, Danmark for XiYue and WuZheng, British for Guojie and LiXiang and irland for Yuyang and ZhengYi, Sweden for ZhangHaishu.  Hope I could finish this work in 2 years:)

3 thoughts on “what you can imagine”

  1. 恭喜啦,不仅设计好,英文也那么好,可以告诉我应该怎么学好工业设计还有英语吗?我为它们愁死了.

  2. 你给我的是信箱地址吗?我的MSN聊天地址和我的E-MAIL地址一样:www.arwiljer@hotmail.com

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